PHOTOS + VIDEO: Ogunquit’s Inaugural Perkins Cove Plein Air Art Event

PHOTOS + VIDEO: Ogunquit's Inaugural Perkins Cove Plein Air Art Event If there were any questions as to whether Ogunquit remains one of the most lively, enduring, and relevant Art Colonies in America, they have now been answered — thanks to the Inaugural Perkins Cove Plein Air Painting Event which occurred on 9/11/21. There are very few towns in the world, especially tiny towns like Ogunquit, that have been depicted so many times by such a wide variety of artists over the years. Throughout the decades, this little town has seen a non-stop parade of colorful artists drawing, painting, etching and photographing each and every one of its visually-enticing nooks and crannies. From Charles H. Woodbury (the widely-accepted godfather of Ogunquit art with his Ogunquit Summer School of Drawing and Painting) — through a vast-diversity of names including Edward Hopper, Peggy Bacon, Henry Strater, Marsden Hartley, Hamilton Easter Field, Bernard Karfiol, Yasuo Kuniyoshi, Alfred Bellows, Harmon Neill, Peggy Bacon, William Ehrig, Todd Bonita, Walt Kuhn, Ernest Fiene, George Carpenter, Bruce McMillan, Elwyn George