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ogunquit’s perkins cove plein air art event


(rain date: Sunday, Sept. 8th)

There are very few towns in the world, especially tiny towns like Ogunquit, Maine, that have been depicted so many times by such a wide variety of artists over the years. Throughout the decades, this “beautiful place by the sea” has seen a non-stop parade of colorful artists drawing, painting, etching and photographing each and every one of its visually-enticing nooks and crannies. Perkins Cove in Ogunquit, Maine is truly hallowed ground when it comes to American art history. The birthplace of the storied Ogunquit Art Colony now also serves as the beating heart of one of Maine’s most important cultural happenings: Ogunquit’s Perkins Cove Plein Air Art Event.

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Registration opens May 1, 2024. And, prizes for this year’s festival total more than $5900!

Plein Air painting in and around Perkins Cove is a time-honored Ogunquit Art Colony tradition. That’s why all of the artists and art-lovers will be throughout our town, along the Marginal Way and down to Perkins Cove on Saturday, September 7th, 2024 for Ogunquit’s 4th Annual Perkins Cove Plein Air Painting Event.

If you attend Ogunquit’s 4th Annual Perkins Cove Plein Air Event, you’ll be able to enjoy the timeless sight of plein air painters in the act of putting brush to canvas in (and around) Perkins Cove — the heart of the Ogunquit Art Colony — from 9am through 3pm. Then, beginning at 3:30pm there will be judging in Perkins Cove for the Professional Awards presentations and an Amateur Awards presentations PLUS the presentation of the David Lussier Gallery of Excellence Amateur Award.

Perkins Cove will also be the site of a Wet Paint Sale (from 3:30pm until 5pm) where you’ll have the chance to purchase a one-of-a-kind painting from our “Beautiful Place By The Sea” that you’ll be able to cherish forever, starting before the paint is even fully dry! There will also be historical tours, art history talks, artist demonstrations, AND live music in Perkins Cove.