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2022 Artist Registration Is Now Closed

2/17/23 UPDATE: NOTE: Ogunquit’s 3rd Annual Perkins Cove Plein Air Painting Event will take place on Saturday, September 9th, 2023. Registration will open May 1, 2023.

8/26/22 UPDATE: The registration period for Ogunquit’s 2022 Perkins Cove Plein Air Painting Event is now closed.

There was a great deal of interest in this very popular New England painting event – and we thank all artists who registered to participate!

We look forward to seeing you all at the third annual Perkins Cove Plein Air Painting Event on Saturday, September 9th 2023

For any artists who missed the registration window for our 2022 event – stay tuned for more announcements about our 2023 Perkins Cove Plein Air Painting Event and be certain to register early.

ogunquit’s perkins cove plein air painting event

rules & regulations

Saturday, September 10th
Painting Competition: from 9am – 2pm
Competition Judging: 2:30pm – 3:30pm
Wet Paint Sale: 3:30pm – 5pm
Rain Date: Sunday, Sept 11th

1. Please fill out the application on line before participating and pay your entry fee of $50.00, this will include parking and a boxed lunch. The event will be limited to 50 professionals and 50 amateurs. Sign up as soon as possible to reserve your spot. If you have any questions, please contact Jen Lewer at

2. AMATEUR VS PROFESSIONAL DESIGNATIONS: For the sake of this event, Amateurs are defined as artists who have earned less than $1500 from the sale of artworks in their lifetime. Professional artists may not compete in the amateur category.

3. Please check in and have your canvases stamped between 7:00am-9:00am. Stamping will not be available after 10:00AM. Canvases that are not stamped will not be qualified for judging.

4. Please paint within the confines of the map to include area’s within and around Perkins Cove, Marginal Way, Ogunquit downtown and Ogunquit Beach.

5. This is a one-day Plein air event. All paintings must be done outside.

6. Participants must have their completed, framed painting placed on their easel in the Perkins Cove judging area between 2:00-2:15PM for amateurs and 3:00-3:15 for professionals. Please no early drop offs due to the limited amount of space and volunteers. You are responsible to have an easel to set up you’re painting for display, judging and wet paint sale. Artists can display one framed painting for judging and a second painting is also allowed for the wet paint sale. Second painting should be placed at the base of your easel after the judging.

7. You will be given a tag with your artist number to put on our easel for judging. Artist is responsible for pricing.

8. Sales of paintings. The actual selling of the paintings will be the individual participant’s responsibility. You will need to have your own charge, take checks or ask for cash.

If possible, please bring a box with tape for your buyer to take your wet painting home in. Clean pizza boxes work great for this.